Best Quiet PC Cases

If you are planning to build your dream PC build then you should start by choosing a suitable PC case for your build.  You must know a PC case protects the hardware and keeps the components together in a compact space. Without a PC case, your hardware components would be clattered all over the place and prone to damage. So choosing a PC case is an essential part of building a rig. If you are just like those who believe quietness is the key to inner peace then you should choose the silent computer case for your rig.

However, a PC case is far more than just a component that protects more expensive hardware like motherboard and GPU. It is a statement piece for you and your build. A PC case is going to be a big visible part of your build so it indeed should tell something about say your desk, professionalism, or yourself right? You could go for a Silent PC case for your office computer or a mini-ITX case loaded with RGB LEDs if you want to enjoy gaming with light effects.  

Don’t worry about space and size too. PC cases come in different sizes and shapes so you can either buy a full ATX case if you want more space or you could buy a compact yet visually attractive option depending upon your taste and budget. But we understand laymen are not familiar with PC cases so they have a hard time choosing one for their build. That is why we have listed the Best Quiet PC Cases here. You just have to read through the PC cases we have discussed here and choose the quietest PC Case that suits you best. But let’s take a look at shopping tips for buying PC cases first. 

Quick Shopping Tips:

Follow these tips to buy a PC case and you will make a smart purchase decision.

Brands: Buy from well-known and reputable brands like “be quiet!” because unknown brands often sell low-quality products at a cheap rate. You can just invest in budget options offered by well-known brands if you want to save money.

Size: You need to decide the size of your PC case before you go to buy one. The perfect sized PC case for your build is the one that can accommodate the hardware i.e. GPU and motherboard etc. You can buy an ATX case if all your components are full size or you can buy a Mini-ITX if you are building a compact rig with small-sized hardware.

Thermal Performance: Thermal performance is important especially when heat-producing components are placed in close proximity. The heat produced by these components can get easily trapped in the PC cases and affect the performance of the PC build. That is why you must buy a PC case that provides optimized cooling performance and unobstructed airflow passage.

Aesthetics and RGB support: You should also consider the looks and RGB support of a PC case. Because again PC case would be a big visible part of your build so it better be good to look at. Right?

Best Quiet PC Cases at a Glance:

  1. Fractal Design Define 7
  2. Corsair 100R Silent Edition
  3. Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower
  4. Master Silencio S400
  5. Be Quiet! Silent Base 802
  6. Deep Silence 6
  7. Fractal Design Define Nano S
  8. Fractal Design Define Mini C

The Best Quiet PC Cases You Can Buy Today

Fractal Design Define 7
Fractal Design Define 7 (Image credit: Amazon)

Fractal Design Define 7

Best Silent High-End PC Case


Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: ‎21.54 x 9.45 x 18.7 inches | Weight: 16000 Grams | I/O Ports: 5x USB Ports | Material: Aluminum


Amazing thermal performance.

Sound-damped panels to control noise pollution.

Effective filtration system.


No RGB lighting.

No dedicated HDD headers.

The Fractal Design Define 7 is the Best Silent High-End PC Case because it was optimized to control noises produced by the rig. It, in fact, has sound-damped panels on its front, top, and sides to dampen out the sounds with no compromise on cooling performance. This is a mid-tower case that can support a large motherboard up to 285 mm E-ATX and its entire top can be opened for convenient access to the components. Fractal Design Define 7 also swapped ventilated panels for three filtered fan positions which makes it the best quiet PC Case. It has a smart design that offers more space for fans and delivers superior airflow to keep the Build cold in all conditions.

There are three pre-installed Dynamic X2 GP-14 Fans in this case but it comes with enough space to accommodate nine fans if needed. Fractal Design Define 7 supports 140 mm or 120 mm to provide impressive airflow. In addition, it has nylon filters on the front, top, and backsides to keep the case dust-free. Fractal Design Define 7 can support a radiator up to 360 mm on the front side and 280 mm in the base. It also has an extensive memory support layout and offers 6 universal HDD/ SSD brackets with 14 positions for memory.

This case even features 2 dedicated SSD brackets with 4 positions. What’s amazing is that the Versatile Multibracket allows people to convert any extra fan position into an SSD/HDD or pump mount. Moreover, this PC case features an integrated cable guide to make it easy for PC builders to arrange and organize cables behind the board. Fractal Design Define 7 is available on Amazon for $160-$170 which is reasonable. But it has no RGB lighting so it may be less attractive. It also lacks a dedicated HHD bracket. Though All in all, Fractal Design Define 7 is a great case for big motherboards and bulky builds.

Corsair 100R Silent Edition
Corsair 100R Silent Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair 100R Silent Edition

Best Budget Quiet PC Case


Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: 18.5 x 7.9 x 16.9 inches | Weight: 4800 Grams | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0 Ports | Material: Alloy Steel



3-speed fan controller.


Lacks a filtration system.

Cable management is tacky.

The Corsair 100R Silent Edition is the quietest PC case having an understated design that provides the sleek aesthetic look and flexibility required to install premium hardware components seamlessly. This PC case looks like a simple black suitcase and it is appropriate for both professional offices and home PC. It features sound-damping side panels, especially made from noise-isolating material, to reduce the noise produced by hardware components. It comes with two 120mm fans as well as three fan mounts so that you can customize the cooling of your build.

Furthermore, Corsair 100R Silent Edition is equipped with 3- speed fans controller that will enable you to manage the speed of your fans and minimize the noise. You can keep it in at a low setting during low-load hours to reduce the system noise and adjust it up a notch when you play games to disperse the heat. The design of this case was engineered to draw airflow to the heat-producing components like GPU and processors so that your build remains cool even during long gaming sessions. Besides this, Corsair 100R Silent Edition has USB 3.0 ports on the front panel for easy access and connectivity. It also features a tool-free access door which provides upgraded accessibility and convenience.

This case also allows tool-free 3.5” and 5.25” drive installation. It can support four hard drives and they all support solid-state drives. The supported GPU lengths for this case are 414mm and 275mm for top slots and lower slots respectively. It also offers 150mm maximum CPU cooler height and 230mm maximum PSU length which means it is quite roomy. It can be bought from Amazon for $79.99-$85 which is very budget-friendly. In fact, Corsair 100R Silent Edition is the Best Budget Quiet PC Case as it offers versatile features on a limited budget. But its cable management is quite tacky and it also lacks a filtration system to drive out dust.

Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower
Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower (Image credit: Amazon)

Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower

Best Airflow Quiet PC Case


LED strips.

Silent Wings 3 fans.

PSU shroud.


No filters.


Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: 26 x 13 x 27 inches | Weight: 18870 Grams | I/O Ports: 3x USB Ports | Material: Tempered Glass

Another name for a quiet PC case is Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900. It is the best silent PC case that comes with generous space, smart design, moveable motherboard tray, and even LED effects. Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower is an ATX case that has more than enough space to handle the military-grade components required for extreme gaming.  It can support E-ATX and XL-ATX motherboards. The side panel of this case is made from tinted glass and the inside of the case is lit up by LED strips, providing eye-catching patterns of colors.

The LED strips can shine in six colors and you can even locate them anywhere in the case. So aesthetics game of Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower is spot on. Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower also comes with three Silent Wings 3 140 mm PWM fans and as their name suggests they are designed to deliver inaudible operation. Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower is also equipped with a Dual Rail fan controller that can be used to create two cooling zones with the click of a switch. Now let’s talk about its innovative motherboard tray. The tray can be adjusted to three different heights and even installed inverted alongside the left panel.

It gives you the freedom and flexibility to arrange and organize the PC components as you please. Plus it sports a functional PSU shroud and it even has space to install an SSD or fan above the shroud. Other than 2 pre-installed fans, builders can add seven additional fans and four radiators for on-demand cooling. Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower can be bought online for around $250-$270 which is quite expensive. This case also lacks filter vents to filter out dust particles. But it is still the Best Airflow Quiet PC Case that has smart space management and maintains cool temperature even while the PC carries out demanding tasks.

Master Silencio S400
Master Silencio S400 (Image credit: Amazon)

Master Silencio S400

Best Runner-Up Silent PC Case


Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: 8.27 x 16.46 x 16.06 inches | Weight: 7000 Grams | I/O Ports: 2x USB Ports | Material: Alloy Steel


Ingenious use of sound dampening material to counter sound frequencies.

Removable HDD cage.


Thermal performance is underwhelming.

Lacks Gen 2 USB 3.1 Type-C connectors.

Next up on my list is another spacious and sleek PC Case that is named Master Silencio S400. Made from premium components, it is durable and smartly built to direct airflow towards the GPUs. Master Silencio S400 is the best when it comes to quiet pc cases having a minimalistic design and the latest Silencio technology to minimize noises. It also comes with sound dampening material but this case actually makes use of different kinds of materials in different places to counter different sound frequencies effectively. Master Silencio S400 features two pre-installed 120mm PWM fans that have rubber padding and high-end blades to ensure quiet operation.

Additionally, it can support up to 5 120/140mm fans but for that ODD cage has to be removed. It can also accommodate big radiators but for that too, you will have to remove the ODD cage. This case comes with a proper ventilation system too that keeps the PC components dust-free. It has a reversible steel door that can be opened in both directions. The steel material is also surrounded by thicker soft material and there is a magnet and rubber stomper hinge system to protect the case.

Besides this, the removable HDD cage further gives you the freedom to adjust your hardware as you want. The cage can be shifted forward if the builders want additional radiator or PSU space or it can be removed too if it is not needed. Master Silencio S400 is the Best Runner-Up Silent PC Case that is available on Amazon for $114-$125. Though this case has no Gen 2 USB 3.1 Type-C connectors. Plus its thermal performance is sort of underwhelming especially without a front radiator. But the whole HDD cage will have to be removed to add a front radiator and not many would want to compromise on the HDD cage

Be Quiet! Silent Base 802
Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 (Image credit: Amazon)

Be Quiet! Silent Base 802

Best Overall Silent PC Case


Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: 24.5 x 13 x 24.5 inches | Weight: 12800 Grams | I/O Ports: 3x USB Ports | Material: Tempered Glass


Optimized thermal performance.

Interchangeable top covets and front panels.

10mm thick sound dampening mats.


Very Big in size.

It is an ideal choice for builders who want to achieve maximum cooling and silent operation. Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 is the best quiet PC Case having a full metal body that protects the PC hardware and gives this case the stability required to handle high temperatures. Plus this case features tons of USB connectors to provide extensive connectivity. There are USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C connectors on the front I/O port that can support the latest hardware and devices. Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 also has 10mm thick dampening mats for unmatchable insulation and excellent noise dampening.

The smart placement of PSU shroud and HHD cages also reduces the vibrations and as a result, complete silence is achieved. Furthermore, this case comes with a standard front panel and an airflow front panel. The airflow front panel provides superb thermal performance and regulates the temperature whereas the standard front panel is great for regular workload configuration. You can use any panel depending on your need. It is equipped with three onboard Pure wings 2 140 mm fans that possess optimized fan blades. Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 also incorporates a 4-step fan controller that can be used to control the speed of fans.

This case has a PSU shroud that conceals the cables and provides space for a PSU and double HDD cage. The shroud can be adjusted to install a 140mm fan on top of it. There is also a moveable motherboard tray that supports ATX motherboards. It also offers an interchangeable top cover so it is highly configurable. However, Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 can be bought for $170-$185 which is pricey. Plus this case is quite big and takes a lot of space. But, it is the Best Overall Silent PC Case as it offers silent yet optimized thermal performance.

Deep Silence 6
Deep Silence 6 (Image credit: Amazon)

Deep Silence 6

Best Quiet Alternative PC Case


Motherboard Compatability: Mini ITX | Dimensions: 16.75 x 10.25 x 21.5 inches | Weight: 9000 Grams | I/O Ports: 3x USB Ports | Material: 0.7mm Steel


Good thermal performance.

Easy to access dust filters.

Great option for professionals.




The Deep Silence 6 is the best choice for professional users who have to perform high-end tasks for hours because of its unparalleled durability, strength, and efficiency. It has maximum cooling system functionality and a compact design. This case also features a dense soundproof material i.e. a premium rubber suspension that ensures silent configuration and makes it the best option for a sensitive audio workstation. It is expandable to 18 HDD/SSD with 5.25 inch to 3.5 adaptors. The drives can be easily added and removed as this case has a user-friendly design.

In addition, Deep Silence 6 is equipped with two 140mm fans which are located behind the HDD cages. They improve front-to-back airflow and effectively regulate the temperature of the build. The tool-free front bracket and dust filters also make it easy for the builders to clean the build. All these features make Deep Silence 6 the Best Quiet Alternative PC Case. Deep Silence 6 also supports multiple cooling radiators so it is also optimized for water cooling. You can easily install radiators that are 120/140/240/280 and 360mm for on-demand cooling. It even has an 8×3 pin fan controller and 5 high-quality rifle bearing fans.

Plus this case comes with two USB 2.0 ports that are suitable for the latest hardware. It can support a standard HPTX motherboard and its cable management is Impeccable. Also, Deep Silence 6 comes with 10 expansion slots which is amazing However it is quite expensive and costs about $379-$390 so this case is not a suitable option for people who have a limited budget. Many customers have also complained that it is quite heavy. Still, Overall, Deep Silence 6 offers good thermal performance, enough space for hardware, and a filter system so if you can afford it you should definitely go for it.

Fractal Design Define Nano S
Fractal Design Define Nano S (Image credit: Amazon)

Fractal Design Define Nano S

Best Silent Mini-ITX Case


Motherboard Compatability: Mini ITX | Dimensions: 16.22 x 7.99 x 13.54 inches | Weight: 9160 Grams | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0 Ports | Material: Alloy Steel


Amazing cable management

Can support full-size hardware.

Easy to use filter system.


A bit oversized for a mini case

The Fractal Design Define Nano S is developed to deliver a silent computing experience with the help of better sound dampening features and ITX case compatibility, making it the Best Silent Mini-ITX Case. This case supports high-end water cooling to dissipate the heat produced during intense gaming sessions. It also has filters, located on both the front and bottom of the case, which makes it extremely simple to keep the case clean. The bottom filter can be ejected through the front, which is very convenient. It features ModuVent technology which enhances the sound dampening ability of this case and helps it in controlling noise pollution.

Fractal Design Define Nano S also has top-notch cable management and enough space for full-sized hardware components which makes it the quietest PC case. It has space for up to four hard drives, as well as two expansion slots and six fan mounts. Moreover, Fractal Design Define Nano S can support 120/140 mm front, 120/240 mm top, 120mm rear, and 120 mm bottom radiators to ensure the components remain cool. It also comes with 6 pre-installed fans. The open interior and carefully crafted airflow path further improve the system cooling. Also, it comes with two pre-installed dedicated SSD units, measuring 13 mm in thickness.

This case can accommodate 160 mm PSU length and 315 mm GPU length which is more than enough for a performance gaming PC. Plus Fractal Design Define Nano S is available in the market at a cost-effective price tag. You can buy it for $70-75$ which is amazing since this case offers flexible features and enough space for full-size hardware. However, it is a little oversized for a mini-ITX case but this is the only downside of this case. All in all Fractal Design Define Nano S is a great quiet case that supports a wide range of radiator sizes and configurations.

Fractal Design Define Mini C
Fractal Design Define Mini C (Image credit: Amazon)

Fractal Design Define Mini C

Best Silent Micro ATX PC Case


Motherboard Compatability: Micro ATX | Dimensions: 19.45 x 19.45 x 11.89 inches | Weight: 6800 Grams | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0 Ports | Material: Aluminum


Open-Air design aids unobstructed airflow path

Nylon filters.



High GPU temperature.

The Fractal Design Define Mini C is another decent option for those that are looking for a quality ATX compatible PC case with extensive features. It incorporates ModuVent technology to dampen the hardware sound and deliver noise-free operation. It is the Best Silent Micro ATX PC Case available that makes use of military-grade material to minimize the sound. The industrial-grade sound dampening material is lined on both side panels and front panels to make sure little to no noise reaches the user even while the system runs at full speed.

This case integrates an open-air design that allows airflow to reach the key PC components and drive out the heat. The open-air cabin creates a passage for air to travel from the front intake to the back exhaust without any obstructions in the way. Along with this, Fractal Design Define Mini C has several onboard 120/140 mm fans and a total of 7 fan mounts which help in maintaining a consistent airflow while also maintaining a low level of background noise. It also sports a total of 5 PCI expansion slots to support a powerful dual GPU setup.

This case features a proper nylon filtration system that operates on its front and base sides which makes it the best quiet PC Case. Fractal Design Define Mini C comes with two frontal USB 3.0 ports, as well as a power button with LED and a reset button on the front side. It can also support up to 5 drives thanks to an optimized HDD position. Fractal Design Define Mini C is reasonably priced and is available for $70-$75 online. However, some benchmarking results have shown that this case often has high GPU temperatures especially while dealing with demanding tasks.


Now that you are familiar with the Best Quiet PC cases available in the market, you are ready to purchase a PC case for your build. You must have noticed that each PC case here has pros and cons. So the bottom line is that every case has some pros and cons because nothing is perfect and there is no single Best Silent PC Case available in the market. So the Best Silent PC Case for you is the case that suits your needs and budget best.

I suggest you narrow down 3-4 cases from the above-mentioned options. And then go over the pros and cons of each case and see if the case addresses your needs and falls in your budget. You can buy Fractal Design Define Mini C or Corsair 100R Silent Edition if you have a limited budget or you could go for Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 if you want a Bold LED look for your build. So keep all of your needs, preferences, and requirements in mind before you make a decision.

You can also use the shopping tips to go to the hardware shop and explore some other options. But I assure you I have already listed the Quitest Computer Cases here for you. Still, though, you can go and visit the local market for your satisfaction. I hope you make a smart purchase decision. Good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the quietest PC cases?

Fractal Design Define S, Be quiet! Silent 802 and Corsair CC-9011075-WW are some of the quietest PC cases.

Are airflow cases quieter?

There are many airflow cases that can reduce noise levels while delivering superb airflow to drive heat out of the build.

Is the NZXT case quiet?

NZXT has manufactured some great quiet cases like NZXT H510 and NZXT H230. They both offer powerful airflow but at the same time manage the noise level to achieve quiet operation.

How do I make my PC super quiet?

You can make your PC super quiet by investing in a quiet PC case, adding insulation to your PC case, replacing old worn-out fans with newer quiet ones, and adjusting the fan speed to reduce noise levels.

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