Best Mouse Bungee for Gaming

2022 is here; it’s high time to get new trendy and more efficient products. Many new PC accessories can transform your computer usage experience and make it far more fun and easy to use. For Example, a mouse bungee can help you get rid of lots of problems that come with a cabled mouse and allow far smoother cursor movements. A Mouse Bungee is a device that can help you secure the wire of a mouse so that you can enjoy enhanced mouse movements. It is usually made of plastic and metal. A mouse bungee can prove to be a great investment if you like organized setups and want to avoid having clusters of cables all over your setups. 

Now that you know what is a Mouse Bungee you must be thinking, is it worth buying? Why should you buy a Mouse Bungee? Mouse Bungees are extensively used by gamers who prefer to use a wired mouse. The mouse bungee clamps the cable and allows the cursor to move smoothly, giving gamers an edge. A mouse bungee can make a wired mouse seem like a wireless one. The mouse bungee allows the cable to move without any friction. The rubber guiding arm of the mouse bungee allows the user to enjoy the accurate and smoother movement of the cursor. Plus, as said earlier, it can give your set up a cleaner and neat look. 

Now that you know what a mouse bungee is and why you should buy it, you must be thinking about which mouse bungee you should buy. There are different kinds and styles of Mouse Bungees available in the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. Do not worry, though; in this article, we will introduce you to the best Mouse Bungee 2022 so that you can make a smart buying choice. So let’s start without further delay. These are seven products that made it to our list of best Mouse Bungee for gaming:

Best Mouse Bungee for Gaming at a Glance:

  1. Meco Mouse Bungee
  2. Abell Mouse Bungee
  3. Cougar Gaming Bunker
  4. Enhance Mouse Bungee
  5. BenQ Zowie Camade
  6. Cooler Master Storm Skorpion
  7. Razer Mouse Bungee

The Best Mouse Bungee for Gaming You Can Buy Today

Meco Mouse Bungee
Meco Mouse Bungee (Image credit: Amazon)

Meco Mouse Bungee

Best Gaming Mouse Bungee


Brand: Meco | Dimensions: 6.69 x 3.94 x 0.79 inches | Color: White | Material: Plastic, Metal | Weight: 5.6 ounces



Choices of six colors


Less durable

Low build quality

If you have a limited budget, then Meco Mouse Bungee is the best option for you. The design of the Meco Mouse Bungee is simple, and it is made out of plastic and metal. It weighs about 0.34 pounds which is a little heavier than standard. Plus, it comes with adhesive pads. The adhesive pads give balance and stability to the bungee.

Meco Mouse Bungee is simple and cheap, but it can do everything a mouse bungee is supposed to do. Meco Mouse Bungee is available in six different colors, so you can choose the color which suits you. It is rare for a cheap bungee to offer so many color options. It also has a reflective surface on the front of its body, but it only fulfills the aesthetic purpose. However, it is available for less than $10 in the market.

It is alone a huge plus point. I mean, if you want to spend less on a mouse bungee, then Meco Mouse Bungee is best for you. As said earlier, it is cheap, but it is perfectly capable of doing what it is supposed to do. However, remember you are buying a product worth less than $10, so as long as you do not expect a very durable product that would last you 5-6 years, you would be satisfied with it.

Abell Mouse Bungee
Abell Mouse Bungee (Image credit: Amazon)

Abell Mouse Bungee

Best Value Mouse Bungee


Brand: Hotline Games | Dimensions: 7.48 x 3.78 x 3.46 inches | Color: Black | Material: xBlack | Weight: xBlack



Good build


Not as stable as other bungees in the same price range

The Abell Mouse Bungee is a little expensive than Meco Mouse Bungee, but it is also better in terms of quality. It is one of the most well-known mouse bungees in the industry. It is made of silicone and stainless steel material, so it is durable. It also has three variants. Two have black bodies, but one has red clip color while the other has red clip color.

The third variant is white and most liked by people. It has a cord placement cavity where your mouse cord can be stuffed and traced up to the upper cord holder. The upper cord holder is a stick that is used to adjust the height of the mouse cord. The height of the mouse cord can be decreased or increased through the upper cord holder. This allows the user to adjust the height of the cord according to their needs.

Abell Bungee holds the mouse cord efficiently so that you can move your cursor smoothly without having clusters of cables everywhere. It also has a flexible extension that will flex in case you pull the cord to its limits. However, Abell Mouse Bungee is not as stable as other mouse bungees available in this price range, and no one wants a bungee that keeps slipping. Mouse bungees must be stable with a solid base grip so that they can handle aggressive mouse movements. It is not as stable as others, but other than that, it is a decent mouse bungee. You can buy it if you play games that do not require a lot of aggressive movements.

 Cougar Gaming Bunker
Cougar Gaming Bunker (Image credit: Amazon)

Cougar Gaming Bunker

Best Premium Mouse Bungee


Brand: Cougar Gaming | Dimentions: 6 x 4.3 x 3.3 inches | Color: Black | Material: Plastic | Weight: 3 Ounces




Enhanced stability because of the vacuum suction pad


Not compatible with thick cables

The Cougar Gaming Bunker is one of the most durable and stable mouse bungees available in the market. It weighs only 85 grams which makes it very portable. It is a compact Bunker with a circular base that will not take much space on your desk. It is equipped with a flexible cable mount that provides enhanced movement and smoothness to the cursor.

Cougar Gaming Bunker also has a flexible cord groove that helps in keeping the cord in place so that the user can move the mouse freely without getting the cable entangled. It is also equipped with a vacuum suction pad that gives it superior stability. This feature makes Cougar Gaming Bunker the best choice for gamers. The vacuum suction pad allows the Bunker to stay in place even during intense gaming sessions.

The pad will keep the base rooted in your desk so that you can have the best gaming experience. No other mouse bungee mentioned in this article has this suction pad. As said, Cougar Gaming Bunker is best for gamers, but anyone can buy it. If you want to have something light, portable, and something that does not slip, then Cougar Gaming Bunker is your best option. However, some mice with thick cables are not compatible with it, so keep this in mind while buying it.

 Enhance Mouse Bungee
Enhance Mouse Bungee (Image credit: Amazon)

Enhance Mouse Bungee

Best Overall Mouse Bungee


Brand: Enhance | Dimentions: ‎5.25 x 4.62 x 4.62 inches | Color: Black | Material:xBlack | Weight: ‎7 ounces


Choice of color LEDs

Four USB ports

Aesthetically pleasing


Low build quality

USB ports can’t read flash drives

If you are looking for something aesthetic or trendy, you should go for Enhance Mouse Bungee. It is similar to Bunker’s basic design, but it has a futuristic touch that makes it look like a teleporter. It is equipped with LED lighting. This Mouse Bungee comes with green, red, and blue LEDs, so you can choose the color that matches the scheme of your gaming setup.

It has a flexible silicone arm that keeps the cable suspended firmly to allow the cursor to move smoothly. However, remember that USB ports can’t read flash drives, but it is good for charging devices. It also has three non-slip pads that are made of rubber. Enhanced Mouse Bungee can be used as a USB hub because it comes with four USB 2.0 ports. Two parts are located on the front, whereas one is located on either side of the mouse bungee. These USB ports can be used to charge devices and use multiple peripherals.

This extra feature makes it very appealing as it works as a mouse bungee and USB port. Consumers love extra features, so it’s a huge plus. However, enhanced Mouse Bungee has low built quality. It is too lightweight and flimsy. This directly affects the stability of the Enhanced Mouse Bungee. Hence it is not as stable as the bunker. It is still a great choice for those who want to have mouse bungee with LED lights to match the lighting effects of their setup. Plus, it has extra USB ports, so you can charge your phone while playing games. The trendy futuristic design is another plus point of Enhanced Mouse Bungee.

BenQ Zowie Camade
BenQ Zowie Camade (Image credit: Amazon)

BenQ Zowie Camade

Best Enthusiast Mouse Bungee


Brand: BenQ | Dimensions: 4.72 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches | Color: Black | Material: Rubber | Weight: ‎8.6 ounces


Adjustable spring.

Good build quality.


Expensive for a mouse bungee with no extra features.

BenQ is not a brand known for producing mouse bungees, but they bought the Zowie brand, which is known for producing peripherals. As a result, now the name of BenQ appears on all products that Zowie makes; hence we have BenQ Zowie Camade. This is one of the relatively good mouse bungees in the market. It is known to allow enhance mobility and smoother movements of the mouse.

BenQ Zowie Camade is lightweight mouse bungee with a mobile one-piece design. It has a unique and adjustable spring that allows users to adjust the cord at an optimal height according to their choice. It has a premium build body that gives it stability and solidity. The solid design allows the user to move the mouse freely without any interruptions. It is also equipped with rubber feet that give BenQ Zowie Camade the stability required to withstand intense gaming sessions.

No doubt, BenQ Zowie Camade is a good mouse bungee, but many consumers hesitate to buy it because of its price. It is not expensive overall, but many people feel that the price of this bungee is not reasonable as it has no extra features, unlike other products in the market. But BenQ Zowie is a great choice for someone willing to spend on it as it has a solid grip and a flexible spring that can really enhance the gaming experience of its user.

 Cooler Master Storm Skorpion
Cooler Master Storm Skorpion (Image credit: Amazon)

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion

Best Flagship Mouse Bungee


Brand: Cooler Master | Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.12 x 3.35 inches | Color: Black | Material: Iron core, Plastic body, Rubber arms, and feet | Weight: ‎12 ounces


Solid build with iron core


Portable because of detached legs



Not everyone is fond of the design.

The Cooler Master Storm Skorpion has a pervasive design with three rubber legs. The three rubber legs give Scorpion a look. It has a rubber mouse cord that allows the user to position the mouse cord as they like. Plus, it has an adaptive grip groove that makes it compatible with both thin and thick mouse cords.

As said earlier, it has durable rubber legs that give it a stable grip on your desk. It also has an iron core which makes it more solid and contributes more to stability. Further, this mouse bungee has premium portability as the legs can be disassembled so you can carry it easily. However, many people do not buy this bungee because it is too expensive.

Obviously, not everyone is willing to pay such a big amount for a mouse bungee when cheaper alternatives are available in the market. Also, not everyone will find the gaudy design of this mouse bungee to be appealing. But it is a great choice for someone who wants to have a durable, stable, solid, and portable mouse bungee, even if it costs a bit more than usual.

Razer Mouse Bungee
Razer Mouse Bungee (Image credit: Amazon)

Razer Mouse Bungee

Best Budget Mouse Bungee


Brand: Razer | Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 7.87 inches | Color: Black | Material: Rubber | Weight: 6.4 ounces


Rust-resistant spring arm

Aesthetically pleasing design

Anti-slip feet



It might not be compatible with thicker cables.

The Razer Mouse Bungee has a minimal design. The exterior is totally black, but it has a glossy surface that is aesthetically pleasing. It is liked because of its minimal design, but that does not mean that it lacks anything when doing what it is supposed to do. It offers drag-free cord control up to 3.2 millimeters. The Mouse Bungee is equipped with a rust-resistant raised spring arm that prevents the cord from dragging and tangling, which results in smoother mouse movements and improved gaming performance.

Razer Mouse Bungee has a weighted base, which gives stability to it. Plus, it has anti-slip feet; hence it remains stable no matter how intense the mouse movements are. It also takes less space on your desk because of its space-saver design with a small footprint. The only issue with Razer Mouse Bungee is that its clip is just built of hard plastic, so it might not be compatible with thicker cables.

This should be kept in mind while buying Razer Mouse Bungee. However, it is a great choice because of its minimal design and additional features like raised spring, small base, and anti-slip feet. It is durable, stable, and aesthetically appealing. It adds a lot to the gaming experience and can be a great addition to any gaming setup. Razor Mouse bungee is a great choice if someone wants a durable product at a good price.


As said earlier, there are mouse bungees of various designs and values available in the market. We have listed seven of the best mouse bungee above. But if I have to choose one, I would choose Cougar Gaming Bunker as it is durable and stable. It does what a mouse bungee is supposed to do. The vacuum suction pad gives premium stability to the Bunker, which is especially necessary for hard gaming. So Cougar Gaming Bunker gets the crown for best mouse bungee. However, remember you can purchase any of the above-mentioned mouse bungees depending upon your needs and budget. You can go for Meco mouse bungee if you want a bungee that costs less than $10, and if you are willing to spend a little more, then Abell Mouse Bungee is your next best option.

It comes with a solid good quality body, but it lacks stability. If you want something stable and durable, then as I said earlier, Cougar Gaming Bunker is your ideal mouse bungee. If you want a mouse bungee with LED lights and USB ports, then Enhance mouse bungee should be chosen. If you appreciate the design and abilities of BenQ Zowie Camade, then go for it. It all depends on what you need and what your budget is. If you are into unique designs, then you can buy Cooler Master Storm Skorpion. It is trendy looking, but it is also a solid mouse bungee.

Razer Mouse Bungee is another good option for those who want a good mouse bungee with a neat, simple look. Just keep in mind the pros and cons of each bungee while you are making a decision. I hope this blog will help you in making a smart buying decision. Now you can go ahead and decide which mouse bungee you want to buy. Do not waste your time anymore. Invest in a mouse bungee today and enhance your gaming experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mouse bungee is best?

Zowie BenQ Camade is the best mouse bungee as it comes with a stable base, adjustable arm, and small footprint.

Are mouse bungees worth it for gaming?

Mouse bungees are worth it for gaming. Many pro gamers use it because it provides better hand movement, keeps the mouse wire out of the way of the user, and improves the gaming experience. 

Do mouse bungees make a difference?

Mouse Bungees indeed make a difference. It gives users more room to move, allows the users to play consistently, and elevates the gaming experience.

Do mouse bungees improve aim?

Mouse bungees give users freedom of movement and bring consistency to the gameplay, which can help in improving the aim.

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