Apple’s M2 Latest MacBook Air Without Intel Components

The Apple company commemorated the farewell to the Intel home device at the helm of the USB and Thunderbolt port control with a custom-made controller that completely suggests the last remnants of intel components, so the latest Mac with a lot of experiments. The news is to know that, the world’s most renowned laptop now has no Intel chips inside. The new MacBook Air appears to be the first Apple laptop to include these new Thunderbolt drivers. Other laptops still use Intel drivers, such as the 14-inch MacBook Pro, according to iFixit. The new redesigned MacBook has a lot of things to notice in the coming days; Apple has always been a wunderkind when it comes to new technology, from the powerful M chips to the redesigned Thunderbolts. The migration from Intel to proprietary silicon took several years and is still not complete, but the company is moving on. 

In the latest version, Apple used a component called USB Retimer, which is responsible for managing the system’s USB-C ports and is made by Intel. It’s not the core processor, but it’s the only Intel-made component in these Macs. In the MacBook Air with the M2, this chip has been replaced by Apple’s chip, meaning there are no longer any Intel components in the entire system. the new MacBook Air is honored to introduce custom-made controllers for USB and Thunderbolt ports, although the nifty details went nowhere but remained in the hands of the master creators. 

Apple still uses chip technology from USTexas Instruments, Samsung, and Nexperia among others. These chips are “smaller” than the GPU, CPU, and Thunderbolt controller, so it’s unlikely that Apple isn’t interested in replacing them all. But as the Thunderbolt drivers show, Apple’s silicon transition applies to chips big and small. When using a MacBook Air with an M2 or M1, we should not notice any difference, as the behavior of the ports should be identical, as well as the data transfer speed that will reach the devices connected to them. The most logical thing is that this change also applies to all new Macs that Apple launches from now on. Gone are the days when we saw Jobs take the stage hand-in-hand with Intel to announce the company’s move of Macs to x86 processors.

Some reports managed to capture a few details about the drivers. We have no idea if the drivers are made in-house by Apple or by a third party. It is worth noting that in May 2021, Mark Gurman reported that Apple was thinking in advance about replacing the last Intel part with a custom version. However, the actual information has not yet been officially confirmed. However, current Apple M1 computers still run on an Intel component known as USB Retimer, which helps power the computer’s USB-C and Thunderbolt ports. Microsoft is the only brand in technology that has a chance, there is missing the most important factor – the phone. 

iPhone excels in its technical performance and wants its name at the top they are ready to take the challenge with Intel as well. Its iPhones use similar SoCs to the Mac operating system, which you can say. Apple’s model of Mac Silicon runs iPhone different apps without any hustle, in some cases, because the technology inside is similar. Apple has not released any major news for many years compared to the launch of watches which were launched in 2015. This will also lead to a change in headsets according to the sources of the rumors early as 2023. The headset connection is said to iPhones wirelessly, likely using some of the same technology already created for AirPods and the Apple Watch.

Apple has done its homework to solve the problem that the company wants its suite to run the whole system, from hardware to software to services. People are buying Macs powered by Apple silicon; on these Macs, they run Apple software and use Apple services like iCloud, Apple Music, and more. It’s a level of integration that few can compete with. After this decision, there are many flaws and also positive vibes for ios users, we already know that Apple is getting a big win here. As users of iPhones, iPods, Macs, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, we now benefit from the aforementioned integration. It means that we can enjoy features that would otherwise not be possible, or if they were, would lack stability, reliability, or capabilities.

Aleem Iqbal
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