GPU Prices are Likely to Hitting the Brakes

The prices of the best graphics cards may have fallen a bit recently, but the price drops seem to have stagnated, at least for now. The latest news update will give relief for a gamer because the GPU shortage is over and gamers around the world. For those with one of the best graphics cards on the market, we’ve taken an in-depth look at graphics card pricing and availability to see where the GPU market is headed and the best time to buy. The GPU market is in good shape right now, aftermarket cards are selling for less than they should. It’s possible that upcoming versions, such as the Nvidia RTX 4080, could increase prices at the end of the year.

The updated news report shows that prices have reached the same or better level than at the beginning of 2021, but with much more available in the market than last year. We are familiar with the price range of AMD Radeon GPUs are currently priced on average 35% higher than MSRP, which is down from 45% last month, while NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards are 41% higher than MSRP, down from 57% last month.

By collecting data, we observe that Nvidia is running “sale prices” for the model 12GB RTX 3080. The reason behind the decrease in prices of NVIDIA because the users don’t buy their products and the sale value goes down to refresh the stock NVIDIA decides to lower its prices. The upgrade generation of GPU is widely anticipated and expected by the end of the year, existing GPUs are approaching two years old, and the main reason behind the low price credit goes to many shoppers are pretty solidly saying that the value proposition for high-end models isn’t great. 

Of course, there is more latest news about the GPU in the market than just that. Cutting prices too low, especially below the suggested retail price, could result in a loss for any model. AIBs usually want to get some sort of discount or variation prices in favor of users from the GPU manufacturer before lowering prices, and it looks like Nvidia will now enact this with the promotional pricing update. 

We have taken an example of the current price of the 12GB model of RTX 3080 compared to the original 10GB model. This new model of 12GB is now actually cheaper than the 10GB model on the hardware market of Newegg – the cheapest model vs the cheapest model. The model variant of the 10GB card is more expensive this month while calculating the fact, rising just above $800, while the model of 12GB is down 15% to a low of $740. This is probably due to AIBs getting some help from Nvidia selling the 12GB model, while the 10GB card currently has no such help. 

Looking further at the eBay e-commerce marketplace eBay prices for the current generation of Nvidia RTX 3000 series cards, we see that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 has dropped 9.2% this month and now sits at an average price of $2,126. The RTX 3080 was nearly 149% above list price in January 2022, but by March it had only dropped to 105% above list price. 

There is an expectation in the upcoming months that, some RTX 3080 GPUs are actually selling at very low prices on eBay. However, prices at retailers remain a bit higher, as we’ll cover in the coming sections. AMD’s competing RX 6900 XT saw a 6.9% price cut, now averaging $1,324. Mid-range offerings like the RTX 3070 and RX 6800 are selling for $887 and $960, respectively, a 10.2% and 7% price difference compared to February. 

Some GPUs are still not selling for their MSRP, and others should be cheaper than MSRP because of their long periods model, but aren’t. Of course, a number of these MSRPs look pretty dubious at the moment, but on a positive note, it’s great to see prices continue to drop on most cards. The offer and prices of used graphics cards have certainly become more attractive in recent months. 

If you’re willing to set a lower maximum, it’s pretty easy to pick up a card via auction for even lower prices – that’s what “average price” means, after all. The compiled data of our research and testing data shows that it’s in favor of gaming users. Or you might get unlucky and end up dealing with returns, which tend to favor eBay buyers, so it’s not that bad.

Aleem Iqbal
Aleem Iqbal is a hardcore gamer since childhood. He developed his passion for writing due to gaming. He is a graduate of Virtual University. He started writing about 4 years ago.