Best Thermal Paste for PS3

PlayStation 2 played well among the tech community, and Sony released PlayStation 3 back in 2006 with some advancements in hardware and software to better meet the needs. PS 3 has been doing well until now, and it still has some serious gaming enthusiasts and its customers. However, it faces thermal throttling often, and the increase in temperature affects the overall performance and may damage some internal elements. Also, since it is almost 15 years old, hardware whose thermal paste hasn’t changed, the chances of getting thermal issues become significant. The best thermal paste for PS3 needs to be selected based on brand trust, thermal conductivity, noise, and density.

Overall, the PS3 is a great gaming console, and if you properly take care, it can last more than what you expect. If we look at the item’s specification chart, the product has a Cell Microprocessor made up of a 3.2GHz PowerPC-based Power Processing Element (PPE) with six Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs). Interestingly, you can achieve a 179.2 GFLOPs single-precision single-precision and up to 15 GFLOPS in double-precision mode. In addition, the PS3 is paired with 256MB XDR main RAM and a 256MB GDDR3 VRAM to enhance the graphics performance.

Such specifications are enough to state that the hardware will naturally face some overheating issues and may die in extreme conditions. Also, many of the users found their system shut down, and after proper troubleshooting, it was due to thermal issues. To tackle such problems, we have done thorough research to find some good-quality pastes for the PS3 and added eight best out of the bests in this list with a buying guide section to guide our users. So, read the whole post, filter the list, and take the best-suiting product home.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Way to apply: If I define the importance of this factor, the application method affects the overall thermal paste’s performance more than its structural features. If you somehow manage to properly apply it at the desired spots, the overall performance will touch the sky. Moreover, an inappropriate application may cause damage to some elements and can harm instead of benefit. So, be careful while putting the paste in the required places and ensure its proper placement.

Electrical Conductivity: Thermal compounds come with a particular thermal conductivity rating, and each performs differently from than others. The rule of thumb is to buy one with either zero thermal conductivity or minimal. The only reason behind the statement is that if you mistakenly insert the thermal paste on the circuit, the non-electrical one will not short circuit and affect the performance. In contrast, one with electrical conductivity may affect the circuit and even damage it. 

Thermal Conductivity: The main advantage of the thermal compound is to enhance the heat flow between the producer and heat sink to increase the heat dissipation. Thermal conductivity is one of the critical factors that help us do so and is directly proportional to heat dissipation. So, you must prefer one with higher thermal conductive ratings since it’s the main thing to fulfill the purpose. 

Best Thermal Paste for PS3 at a Glance:

  1. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
  2. Gelid GC-Extreme
  3. Prolimatech PK-3
  4. Phobya Grease Extreme
  5. Arctic Silver 5 AS5
  6. Arctic MX-4
  7. Cooler Master High-Performance
  8. Thermaltake TG-7

The Best Thermal Paste for PS3 You Can Buy Today

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut (Image credit: Amazon)

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

Best Overall Thermal Paste for PS3


Brand: Thermal Grizzly | Thermal Conductivity: 12.5KW | Density: 3.7g / cm3 | Cooling: All | Noise: 14 dB


Easy to apply

Decrease the temp up to 240C

Long-lasting effects


Somehow expensive

12.5 W/mk thermal conductivity

The Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is the best overall Thermal Paste for PS3 due to its reliable, high-quality, and not-so-expensive ceramic thermal grease. However, it is the most expensive ceramic paste among the thermal pastes that we will talk about in this article. Thermal Grizzly’s products are undoubtedly high-quality, but they are usually more expensive than the other brands. But, is there a reason for the consumers to pay more for the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste instead of any other thermal paste that is cheaper.

If you are looking for the best possible performance that you can get from the thermal grease, but you don’t want to jump to liquid metal, then Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a perfect choice for you as it can keep the temperatures up to 3°-4° lower than the other thermal pastes can.

Although the temperature difference between the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and the other ceramic pastes that we are going to talk about in this article isn’t much, even a few degrees cooler can make a lot of difference and will matter especially, if you have put your PlayStation 3 in an enclosed case or the room temperature is usually high. This is exactly why the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut proves to be the best Thermal Paste for PS3.

 Gelid GC-Extreme
Gelid GC-Extreme (Image credit: Amazon)

Gelid GC-Extreme

Best Performance Thermal Paste for PS3


Brand: Gelid | Thermal Conductivity: 8.5W/mk | Density: 3.73g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 25.4 dB


Ultimate heat conductivity

Non-corrosive and non-toxic

Safe to use



A bit tricky to use

The Gelid GC-Extreme is quite the contender for keeping your hardware’s temperature lower than usual. The Gelid GC-2 thermal compound is good at keeping temperatures in check, but the Gelid GC-Extreme is even better at keeping the temperatures in check. The Gelid GC-Extreme’s performance is well above the industry standards. It’s much easier to apply the Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste due to the viscosity of the Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste.

The Gelid GC-Extreme is the best thermal paste for ps3 fat and comes with a spreader, making the thermal paste shorter, easier, and spread evenly. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and spread the thermal paste as it says, and you will be able to achieve much better results with this small step. The Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste will keep your PlayStation 3’s temperatures in check quite efficiently.

Gelid GC-Extreme is a good choice for consumers who want efficient thermal conductivity between CPU/GPU and the heat sink making it the best performance Thermal Paste for PS3. Now, is it worth the price? Yes, it is. It’s a little bit more expensive than the other thermal pastes, but with the efficient thermal conductivity it provides, it is a great choice for consumers. If you choose to use the Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste, it will keep the temperatures of your PlayStation 3 lower than usual. The Gelid GC-Extreme is a reliable thermal paste and will show good improvement in temperatures of your PlayStation 3.

Prolimatech PK-3
Prolimatech PK-3 (Image credit: Amazon)

Prolimatech PK-3

Best Value Thermal Paste for PS3


Brand: Prolimatech | Thermal Conductivity: 11.2 W/m-°C | Density: 2.7 g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 29 dB


Better thermal conductivity

Keep temperature stable

Quick results

Come in a generous amount


Difficult to apply

Requires massive mounting pressure

We have many different thermal pastes to choose from when choosing the right thermal paste for our computer systems. Ranging from the standard silicon-based formula to the silver-based formulas and just about everything in between. The Prolimatech PK-3 has better thermal conductivity than its predecessor Prolimatech PK-2 on paper, making it the best value Thermal Paste for PS3. The Prolimatech PK-3 doesn’t require burn-in time, requiring a lengthy period to get maximum results. It also comes in a syringe-style applicator to make the thermal compound application as easy and straightforward as possible.

The Prolimatech PK-3 comes with a spreader in the package, which helps spread the thermal paste evenly and covers the whole surface of the heat-producing computer component with ease. The Prolimatech PK-3 thermal paste does not seem too thick or thin, making it easier to apply the thermal compound. It is reliable and does great in keeping the temperatures stable and low. It does perform well, but not as good as the previously mentioned thermal pastes, but the temperature difference is quite small.

It will surely perform well and will surely keep the temperatures low. The Prolimatech PK-3 does not require any cure or burn-in time, which means that we don’t have to wait for this thermal paste to get the best results. Let’s compare Prolimatech PK-3 thermal paste to the Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste. The Prolimatech PK-3 is the best thermal paste for ps3 slim that doesn’t lose much performance compared to the Gelid GC-Extreme is significant and still cheaper.

Phobya Grease Extreme
Phobya Grease Extreme (Image credit: Amazon)

Phobya Grease Extreme

Best Premium Thermal Paste for PS3


Brand: Phobya | Thermal Conductivity: 8.5W/mK | Density: 3.73 g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 24.6 dB


Reliable thermal paste

Affordable price

Spread easily

Keep temperature low


Not very famous

Thermal conductivity is somehow high than rivals

The Phobya Grease Extreme packaging states that it was created for extreme users on a high level. The Phobya Grease Extreme thermal paste has one of the best heat conductivity from the CPU/GPU of your computer system.

It comes in a simple package of the thermal paste itself in a syringe-like tube along with a little spatula-like spreader, which helps spread the thermal paste across the surface chip-making it the best premium Thermal Paste for PS3. The thermal paste spreads nicely and is easy to apply. This thermal paste is very reliable and comes close to the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste.

The Phobya Grease Extreme is not only for the high-end sector, but a normal user can also benefit from it. This thermal paste performs well along with great thermal conductivity. It will surely keep the temperatures lower than usual. The Phobya Grease Extreme thermal paste is quite cheaper than the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste and still performs well, which makes this thermal paste a perfect choice to use for your PlayStation 3.

Arctic Silver 5 AS5
Arctic Silver 5 AS5 (Image credit: Amazon)

Arctic Silver 5 AS5

Best Quality Thermal Paste for PS3


Brand: Arctic Silver | Thermal Conductivity: 8.7W/mK | Density: 3.5 g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 20 dB


Easy to dispense and use

Durable thermal paste

Value for money

Lower the temperature


The tubes are pretty tiny

Not show enough effort in cooling

The Arctic Silver 5 is a hot ceramic-based compound with solid silver particles that help increase the thermal conductivity of the adhesive. The Arctic silver 5 heat attachment does not move completely due to the lack of metal particles in the attachment. Three types of silver particles blend well and help build a high-temperature hot bridge between the heatsinks and the CP4 for the PS3. Speaking of hot adhesive performance, it is the best quality Thermal Paste for PS3 that will lower the temperature of your PlayStation 3 by up to 3 to 12 degrees.

Remember the budget price and performance of this hot attachment. We recommend Arctic Silver 5 to all-black PC builders who play high-end games like you. This hot attachment remains the second choice after the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. The good thing about this attachment is that it is less expensive and more expensive on older machines like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The company says this hot combination will not burn, and you can easily spend ten years with it, but I would recommend changing it every year or at least after two years.

I have personally been using this heat all year round and have never had any heart problems, so I decided to mention it there. A 3.5 gram of Arctic thermal paste sticker will reach 12 to 26 CPU temperature plates. This hot paste will long for years, so use this paste once and forget about changing for the next 8 to 9 years. The Arctic Silver 5 has a temperature range of 8.89 W / mK.

Arctic MX-4
Arctic MX-4 (Image credit: Amazon)

Arctic MX-4

Best Carbon Thermal Paste for PS3


Brand: Arctic | Thermal Conductivity: 6.0 W/mK | Density: 3.2 g/cm³ | Cooling: Thermal | Noise: 26 dB


The syringe is there for easy application

Plenty of paste in a tube

non-electrically conductive

Six years of warranty


No instructions

Dry fast

The Arctic MX-4 is the best carbon Thermal Paste for PS3 as it has improved and improved with its experience in the field of CPU cooling. This thermal adhesive will not work as well as other hot compounds listed in this list, but it works much better than Gelid GC-Extreme and other thermal compounds available under this price list. This is one of the best carbon-based adhesives that will cool your PlayStation 3 processor.

The Arctic MX-4 contains micro-carbon particles that will lead to excessive heat consumption and help create a much lower resistance channel between the processor and the PS3 heat dissipation plate. Since these thermal attachments are made entirely of small carbon particles and have no metal, you do not have to worry about the electrical performance of these attachments. Once you’ve installed this hot attachment, then you don’t have to change this second time until 8 years ago.

The Arctic also packaged its MX-4 thermal adhesive in the same syringe-sized packaging packages as other hot adhesive manufacturing companies. The Arctic MX-4 syringe is on the right side of the packaging cover with a certain definition of product strength on the left side. The Arctic Mx-4 could be the best hot attachment out there on the market at meager prices but with excellent performance. Experts have found that this paste works even better for hard-working PC users. This heat compound is well known for its high performance and low cost, making Arctic MX-4 the first choice for users who want a hot budget attachment.

Cooler Master High-Performance
Cooler Master High-Performance (Image credit: Amazon)

Cooler Master High-Performance

Best Mid-Range Thermal Paste for PS3


Brand: Cooler Master | Thermal Conductivity: 11 W/m-K | Density: 2.37g/cm³ | Cooling: Water | Noise: 32 dB


Long terms effects

Enhance cooling incredibly

Easy to remove


A bit difficult to spread

Come in small amounts in the tube

The Cooler Master High-Performance is highly recommended for the usability it provides, which is better than any other product they have used and it’s the best mid-range Thermal Paste for PS3. This hot attachment by Cooler Master is one of the best products made by the brand. If you have invested in this product before, you will know that they offer users less than the best.

Some PlayStations processors can be easily grounded, while others may not be as compact. This is easy to cool, or lack of, depending on the design capacity of the unit. PlayStations with a higher TDP will produce a larger amount of heat and require thermal attachment for greater efficiency. Looking at PS3 user reviews to decide which product to invest in? Hot attachment reviews will easily convince you to take this as your last choice.

If the high performance offered by Cooler Master is what you want, then this unit is right for you. Incorporating silicone tools, Cooler Master Thermal Paste will enhance your cooling system at an incredible price! And given the flexible environment, Cooler Master thermal compound is the best attachment assembly for laptops. All in all, the best option from a brand known for its high-quality products.

Thermaltake TG-7
Thermaltake TG-7 (Image credit: Amazon)

Thermaltake TG-7

Best Budget Thermal Paste for PS3


Brand: Thermaltake | Thermal Conductivity: 3.3 W/mK | Density: 2.55 g/cm³ | Cooling: Fan | Noise: 24.6 dB


Best thermal conductivity

Effortless to apply

Give extreme performance


Not as smooth as other

Thermaltake TG-7 adhesive is the best budget Thermal Paste for PS3 as it provides reliable performance and is made of diamond strength fixed inside the tube to provide excellent thermal conductivity. Provides extremely long-lasting thermal energy with an additional particle of the diamond; very easy to install, you can pour a drop of hot oil on the appropriate surface of the heat sink to reduce overheating or overheating.

It has a longer serving life, works better than silicon-based thermal oils, and provides excellent protection from heat damage. It is simple and easy to use; diamond particles inside the attachment provide an active temperature between 50 to 150 degrees Celsius. It comes with a well-designed cooling system and a compressor that is resistant to short circuits. The company claims that this hot glue is made by a diamond company, which does not run and offers more performance than other materials. When full loads are used, the processor temperature sometimes reaches 70C, which is not good, but we need a console where we cannot see such a height.

The thermal adhesive allows you to distribute it better as most of the time, you need something of a third party to spread the adhesive over the processor, but for this, you don’t need that. The specially designed diamond filters provide thermal conductivity with a good amount of thermal thermal energy. It also has excellent viscosity, which helps you spread the attachment over the processor without cracking or grabbing it. This heat is tested over large processors and provides adequate heat dissipation because it is a fine silver particle. It uses a micronized silver particle and ceramic particle to create high performance and durable design. The cheap price and extreme performance make it the best Thermal Paste for PS3.


If you want the best performance from the thermal paste to keep the temperatures in check and can spend enough to get a Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste, then you should get the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste as its the best Thermal Paste for PS3. The Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut will keep the temperatures of your PlayStation 3 in check.

Suppose you want great performance from the thermal paste to keep the temperatures lower than usual and don’t want to overspend or go over your budget. In that case, you should consider getting the Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste as it is a little bit cheaper than the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste but still performs great. It will keep the temperatures of your PlayStation 3 lower than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace thermal paste PS3?

You should change the thermal paste of PS3 every year.

Where do you put thermal paste on PS3?

The thermal paste is put over the processor of PS3 and then the heatsink is placed on it.

How often should you replace thermal paste PS3?

Some people are of the opinion that it should be changed every 8-10 years but I recommend replacing it every 4-5 years.

Which thermal paste lasts the longest?

Arctic MX-4 is the thermal paste that lasts the longest. It can last up to 8 years so your CPU will most probably be outdated before you need to replace its thermal paste. 

How often should I replace thermal paste?

In most cases, you don’t have to re-apply thermal paste, but if you are removing a cooler for some reason, consider re-applying thermal paste again and again, or if the CPU temperatures are higher, then you should consider re-applying thermal paste.

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